Your Custom Business Location Map

How we develop, design and build your own location map

Give Way Mapping's custom business location maps are unique in being drawn from a driver's perspective rather than from a cartographer's.

To provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date, easy-to-use map, our team of researchers actually drive the routes around your office and photograph the road signs at junctions. We do this to make the maps very easy for your first-time visitors to follow.

Research for Your Location Map

Ensuring that your custom business location map is accurate is a key part of our service. Every important sign is photographed by our researchers whilst driving to your office, to ensure that this information is avilable to be included on your map. Our design team then turn this photograph into an exact replica on your map.

Signs and Directions

Our designers draw the road signs on the map as the drivers sees them. A red line showing the correct route is drawn onto the sign. The driver just needs a quick glance at the map to see the right route to get right to your door.


Your chosen route is highlighted in red on the road, so drivers know exactly which way to go to find your business the quickest way. Road names and road numbers are also included on your map, to provide clear, concise instructions.


Distances are included to keep drivers on track, with route information being shown in miles as well as kilometres.

Public Transport Information

Knowing that not all of your customers and suppliers will be driving to your business, information can be also provided on Bus, Rail, Underground, Airports and Tram routes.

Locator Map

Finding your business isn't just about the immediate local area - we also include a wide area map showing all motorways and main roads for visitors from further afield, making it quick and easy for them to plan their routes as efficiently as possible.

Making your custom location map work for you

All these features go into producing you a map that not only makes you easy to find but is an invaluable marketing tool in promoting your business. In addition to content, all styling and colours can be tailor made to fit in with your corporate profile.

We then go through a proofing process with each map until the client is 100% satisfied. The maps are then delivered on a disk containing a colour printable, redrawn black and white faxable and internet versions.

What will your map look like?

To see examples of custom business location maps we've developed for some of our clients, please check out our client maps page.

Would you like more information?

For more information on our custom location map service, please take a look through our sample maps, call us free on 0800 019 0027 or fill out our simple online enquiry form.

We look forward to working with you!

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Give Way Mapping is the UK's leading custom location map company, developing location maps for business, hotels, health, leisure, education, financial, government, communications, legal, manufacturing, property, sports, technology, utilities and many other industries. We use the latest Ordnance Survey data under license to ensure the accuracy of your personalised custom location map, complete with directions in colour and black & white PDF formats, so you can e-mail or upload your custom location map to your web site. Give Way also provides site plans, building profiles and can create custom made brochures to your exact requirements.